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Danese Milano

furnishing manufacturer (1957)

Danese is a historical name of Italian design. Founded in 1957 by Bruno Danese, designer and entrepreneur with his wife Jacqueline Vodoz.

The goal is to create innovative products to meet the needs of a society and an evolving context, current and timeless interpretations of everyday objects.

Danese's activity began as a craft workshop for the creation and sale of unique objects and artist pieces, but the significant encounter with Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari, two masters of Italian design, marks the opening to industrial production.

A new collection of objects is born, no longer designed for an elitist market but accessible to many.

Danese Milano becomes a real experimental laboratory open for the conception and production of projects that address and respond to the multiple issues related to human life at home and in the workplace, in play and reading, in the art of communication .

Danese develops innovative products that interpret new needs for living in the home and office. From the outset it takes care of the packaging of its objects with the aim of enhancing the care and essentiality of the products.

Danese Milano promotes a simple and clean design style. It focuses on a series production of home and office objects, sensing the value of good design.

Bruno Danese has promoted art editions and games for children. Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari collaborated by creating projects that have written the history of design.

As an entrepreneur-designer Bruno Danese has built an ideal company dedicated to design, capable of offering the market a combination of art, craftsmanship and industrial production. His adventure is a reference and an example on an international scale.

In May 1991 Danese Milano decided to end his thirty years of experience and sold the business to the multinational Strafor-Facom. Subsequently the brand was acquired by Carlotta De Bevilacqua.

Once production is complete, Danese and Vodoz devote themselves to another project of great cultural scope, giving life to the foundation of the same name with the aim of promoting all forms of creativity.

The foundation does not have a program of activities open to the public but makes the extraordinary archive of design and art collected over the years available to researchers and curators.

Some Danese Milano products:

16 animals, wooden pzzle by Enzo Mari, 1957
16 fish, wooden puzzle by Enzo Mari, 1957
Cube, ashtray, Bruno Munari, 1957
Libra, 1959 - perpetual wall calendar, Enzo Mari, 1959