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Timor - Danese

desk calendar (1966)

Timor perpetual desk calendar is designed by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano in 1966.

Consisting of a base in a variety of ABS and PVC sheets lithographed, each with a number (1 to 31), the names of the days (Monday to Sunday) and the name of the month (January through December), attached to an axis that allows the rotation and positioning.
The aperture range allows you to choose the papers to settle the date that you laid on the horizontal arm of the base. The rest are left vertical, hidden inside the vertical part of the base.

Enzo Mari investigates around to experimenting with new forms, crossing traditional formal schemes coming to give the product form and use innovative.

Timor is produced with the basic white, black and green and with the elements in white lithographed in black PVC. Available in Italian, English, French, German.

larghezza: 17 cm
profondità: 9 cm
altezza: 16 cm