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Formosa - Danese

wall calendar (1963)

The Formosa perpetual wall calendar by Danese is a classic of Italian design, designed by Enzo Mari in 1963.

Like most of Enzo Mari's projects, it is a "timeless" product impervious to fashions and eras, thanks to its clean, absolute, always current lines.

Formosa is a wall calendar consisting of a square base in anodized aluminum, in natural or black version, supporting lithographed pvc loose-leaf sheets that define the date. The typeface used is Helvetica, in the black and red versions, both on a white background.

Formosa is composed of a square plate of anodized aluminum divided into four parts, the two largest upper parts with numbers to compose the numerical date (from 01 to 31) of the days of the month. The two lower sheets to indicate the nesi and the days of the week. These are available in Italian or in English, French and German.

Aluminum anodized, lithographed PVC.
Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 cm