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Enzo Mari

artist, designer (1932)

Enzo Mari was born in Novara in 1932. Italian artist and designer is formed by studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, from 1952 to 1956. Fifties plays, artistic activity, with solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums of contemporary art. He is interested in real aspects of design including some psychology of vision and planning in the field of aesthetic research.

Since the late '50s, as a true philologist of the language of visual art also choose to take care of design, conscious of the need for modifying the mass culture to a global project of quality.

In 1965 he edited the exhibition of art optical, kinetic and programmed the Biennale Zagreb. Individual participates in several editions of the Venice Biennale and the Milan Triennale. He also began the design work, the first part of the formal research staff, and then in collaboration with several industries in the areas of graphics, publishing, industrial production and staging exhibitions.

Characteristic of his work, established itself internationally as the most representative of Italian design, is the continued research and experimentation with new forms and meanings of the product, in contrast with the traditional patterns of industrial design.

In 1971 participates with an essay in the exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape at the MOMA in New York. Its unique position as an artist-design is documented in many publications dedicated to his work, as well as interventions in important institutions dedicated to his work, as well as interventions in important institutions, among them the Association for Industrial Design (ADI) , whose Chairman, from 1976 to 1979.

As a designer, design practice has done next to theoretical research. His work is the result of precise positions on both the ideological and political, egalitarian and Marxist-inspired.

Enzo Mari started working for Zanotta in 1981.

He won his third Golden Compass in 1986, for the design of the chair for Zanotta Tonietta after those obtained in 1967 and 1979.In 1987 in New York, the International Design Center prize. In 1993 he was appointed chief creative officer of ancient Meisterwerkstatt der Königliche Porzellan Manifaktur Berlin.

His works and objects are in the collections of several museums of contemporary art: National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld, Museum of Modern Art New York.

A major exhibition was devoted to him in 1983 by the Centre for Communication Studies and Archives, University of Parma, which houses the 8,500 drawings and elaborate of his archive, which he donated to the CSAC.

More recently, his work extends the research and planning for urban design (City of Milan, reorganizing the piazza del Duomo) and education, carried out through conferences and lectures in Italy and abroad, including courses taught Institute of Art History, University of Parma and the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

Invited to the Venice Biennale on the theme "Art and Science" in 1986, sets forth a '"allegory" made for the occasion.

In 1988 he staged an exhibition in San Marino "Models of Reality", dedicated to the whole of his work.In 2008 he was given a solo retrospective: Enzo Mari: the art of design, the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin (GAM), the International Year of Design.

Among his writings: Function of Aesthetic Research (1970); Hypothesis refounding of the project (1978), Where the Crafts (1981); Three squares of the Cathedral (1984), Freedom of manufacture (1994), and Project Passion (2000); Drawing Lessons: Stories of cards, dragons and ostriches in the Chair (2008).

Among the projects designed by Enzo Mari:

16 Animali, 1957 - Danese
Putrella, 1958 - Danese
Formosa, Wall Calendar - Danese, 1967?
In Attesa, 1971 - Danese - Cestino
Soft Soft, 1972 - Robots - Seat
Tonietta, 1987 - Zanotta - Seat
Pots Copernico (1989) - Zani&Zani
Posate Piuma (1991) per Zani&Zani
Modular soar Ulm (1996-98) - Zanotta
Em02, scolapasta 1997 - Alessi
Squeezer, spremilimoni, 2000 - Alessi
Ypsilon, easels, 1999 - Alessi
Eretteo, portaombrelli, 2000 - Magis
Togo, appendiabiti, 2001 - Magis