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lighting systems manufacterer (1981)

Foscarini is an Italian company specialized in the creation of designer lamps. Founded in 1981 in Murano, with headquarters in Marcon, in the province of Venice, it owes its name to a tribute to the Venetian patrician family of the same name.

Foscarini's activity is characterized by research into materials, combining traditional artisan knowledge and techniques with technological innovation in mass production. He has collaborations with designers from all over the world.

Foscarini is active in the cultural field with sponsorships, collaborations and the promotion of editorial projects.

Foscarini is known for the presence of laboratories specialized in the processing of artisanal glass, starting out in the creation of large lighting systems on commission, or on a project basis, and then moving on, the following year, to the production of lighting elements in series, an activity that will quickly become predominant to the point of entirely characterizing the company.

Unlike other Murano companies, Foscarini does not have its own furnace for glass processing but uses specialized suppliers to translate creative ideas into products.
This production flexibility has been a hallmark of the company since 1988, when Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, already internal collaborators of Foscarini, for whom they designed the first series projects, took over the brand by calling on external designers to collaborate.

Projects such as the "Orbital" lamp by Ferruccio Laviani where, instead of blown glass, due to the uniformity of thicknesses and the variety of colors required by the project, a painted glass sheet is opted for; the "Havana" lamp by Jozeph Forakis made of polyethylene; the "Mite" lamp designed by Marc Sadler, whose components in fiberglass with Kevlar and carbon are manufactured by a company specialized in the production of fishing rods, was awarded in 2001, together with the "Tite" lamp by the same designer , with the Compasso d'Oro.

In 2005, the series of Caboche lamps was born, designed for Foscarini by Patricia Urquiola with Elena Gerotto which transform light, through a series of transparent spheres, into sparkling objects, design jewels created from the synthesis of technology and creativity.

In 2016 the Triennale di Milano, to celebrate twenty-five years of uninterrupted production, also hosted an exhibition dedicated to the "Lumiere" lamp designed by designer Rodolfo Dordoni in 1990 entitled: "Anni Luce. Lumiere's journey through 25 years of history".

Some Foscarini products:
Lumiere, design Rodolfo Dordoni, Foscarini, 1990
Caboche grande, design Patricia Urquiola e Elena Gerotto, Foscarini, 2005
Twiggy, design Marc Sadler, Foscarini, 2006
Gregg, design Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Foscarini, 2007
Birdie, design Ludovica e Roberto Palomba, Foscarini, 2011