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Caboche - Foscarini

Suspension lamp (2005)

Caboche is the name of a series of lamps designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto in 2005 for Foscarini. Made of polymethylmethacrylate, blown glass, chromed metal and aluminum.

The lamp is made up of transparent polymethylmethacrylate spheres. The light is projected up and down directly and into the environment in a diffused way through a white frosted glass screen.

Caboche is a mosaic of refractions, a fusion of different parts into a single form that create the luminous effect of the lamp.

When it is on, the light spreads from inside the spheres like many luminous crystals, illuminating the environment at 360 ° and guaranteeing direct lighting on the surface and reflected around it.

A Caboche lamp is as precious as a pearl bracelet, resolved in the sign of lightness and transparency thanks to the use of materials, destined to become a Foscarini lighting icon.

The Caboche lamp series consists of several models:
Table - A transparent pearl bracelet, supported by a light stem. When turned on, its light spreads 360 ° into space.
Floor - sparkling and precious with the metal base with a circular design that takes up the shape of the diffuser. Produced in two sizes, large and medium.
Suspension - A jewel of creativity and technology, an icon of lighting design. Rich, brilliant and sophisticated, the light spreads from inside the transparent spheres, illuminating the environment with direct light on the top and reflected on the ceiling.
Ceiling - A bracelet of transparent and sparkling gems with its extraordinary illuminating effect, in which each sphere reflects the image of the light source inside the central diffuser, creating plays of light on the ceiling.
Wall - An elegant presence that offers grazing light on the wall. It embellishes any environment with its extraordinary illuminating effect. Produced in medium and small sizes.

All models, in different sizes, are available in transparent and golden yellow "colors" and are suitable for both private and public furnishings.