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Taraxacum 88S - Flos

hanging lamp (1988)

A classic Flos catalog: Taraxacum S '88, was born from the creativity of Achille Castiglioni, is a suspension lamp providing direct light and reflected light, large spaces suitable for large and important environments.

Recognizable, thanks to the unique style of Castiglioni Taraxacum with its 20 triangular plates of polished chrome-plated aluminum, assembled in a compact core to accommodate each three balls of light, 60 lamps of 40 or 25 watts that generate a large amount of light can to evenly illuminate dark areas and open spaces.

The lamp by Castiglioni Taraxacum is also available as a ceiling light, more adaptable to modern apartments.

The inspiration is contained in the name of the flower of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), shaped like a sphere composed of transparent stamens, united in the center and ready to fly away at the first breath. Something ethereal and airy.

Materials: Polished aluminum for the structure of the 20 triangles, steel suspension cable and black painted steel for the hemispherical base of attachment to the ceiling.