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Antropus - Arflex

armchair (1949)

Antropus is an armchair designed by Marco Zanuso for Arflex in 1949.
Characterized by the wide development in depth that defines the large and comfortable seat and by the soft and sinuous lines of the sides that give it an elegant appearance. The side panels constitute the sides of Antropus, create the armrests to rest the arms and rise up to just above the backrest, 85 cm high.

Antropus was born at the end of the 1940s, on the occasion of the staging of the comedy "The Anthropus Family", by Thornton Wider, for which Marco Zanuso was called to take care of the scenography of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. With Arflex, the architect created an armchair entirely covered in foam rubber, a highly innovative material at the time, promoted in the field of home furnishings for its high expressive, ergonomic and industrial potential.

Today's creation in expanded polyurethane foam allows the modeling of a backrest and seat with large and comfortable shapes, contained by the clear and sinuous profile of the side panels. The model is currently offered by Cassina also in an iconic edition covered in red cloth.

Anthropus is a historic piece of Italian design. The wooden structure is covered with expanded polyurethane (foam rubber), Arflex's favorite and characteristic material promoted for home furnishings in those years to exploit all its expressive, ergonomic and industrial production potential.
One of Arflex's innovative ideas, which produced great results thanks to the use of innovative materials and solutions that contributed to the success in the world of quality and value of Italian industrial production after the Second World War.

Measurements: L 75 x D 102 x H 85 cm

Materials: Wooden structure covered in high-bearing polyurethane foam of different densities.
Springing obtained with elastic belts.
Non-removable cover. Available in any fabric and leather from the Arflex color chart.