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Algol - Brionvega

portable TV (1965)

In 1964 Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper design for Brionvega Algol, a television set to revolutionize the earlier canons and the same home environments that host.

With its unique line of products is a representative of the Italian style of the sixties, the color TV Brionvega Algol is exposed in the most famous international museums, including the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Algol is characterized by rounded and inclined screen (Zanuso compared him to a faithful little dog looking up at his master), the metal handle and removable from shiny plastic shell in three colors: orange sun, moon, night black and gray.

To work with Joseph Brion, Milanese entrepreneur at the head of Brionvega, was a team of specialists who discussed technology and forms, all closely. A happy partnership that created electronic broadcasting equipment still in production, on the same original design, updated in digital technology.

Many of those years Brionvega products do not fear the passage of time, and Doney 14 (1962), with its curves and its small size, both Algol 11 (1964) and Glass Cube (1969), all signed by Zanuso and Sapper exceed their function becoming furnishings and symbols of modernity.

Since 2004, SIM2 Multimedia has acquired the business Brionvega dedicated to audio production and license to use the brand, to create and distribute new products or new editions of historical products of the brand.

This has revived the market Algol, completely renovated in electronics by using the latest digital components such as the speaker broadband, five levels of video optimization, and multi-functional ergonomic remote control.