Triennale Design Museum

Triennale, Design Museum, Milano, Milan, Italy

Triennale Design Museum was founded in Milan in 2007 with the aim of providing visitors with a complete and exhaustive path of Italian design, telling the excellence, products and protagonists that have helped make it famous all over the world. Housed in the Palazzo della La Triennale, the international institution founded in 1933 that organizes exhibitions and conferences on art, design, architecture, fashion and cinema.

Triennale Design Museum is a space that is continuously transformed, so as to offer the visitor a complete panorama of design, always new and evolving over time. Every year it changes, modifying the treated themes and the settings.

Since its inception, the Museum has changed its layout, maintaining conceptual premises: analyzing Italian design in its historical context, not only from a technical point of view.

The men, the society, the transformations, the renewed needs, the changing world, the technology that survives by replacing man, the new materials and the new necessities: all influence design and its transformation over time.

All the itineraries suggested by the various installations of the museum, in the Palazzo della Triennale, lead the visitor to the discovery of the creative project: how an object is born, because, for what purpose it is destined.

The Museum, a wonderfully designed space, consists of different environments: a Project Library, the Historical Archive and the Documentation Center.

Next to these spaces a marvelous bridge made of bamboo, glass and steel was designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi (also responsible for the rest of the recovery project).

The sense and function of the bridge are a link between the large central atrium of the Palace and the entrance to the Museum.