Museo Nicolis

dell’Auto, della Tecnica, della Meccanica

The Nicolis Museum of the Car, of the Technique, of the Mechanics is a modern container of culture and ideas, inaugurated in 2000 in Villafranca di Verona. Created by Luciano Nicolis, a Veronese entrepreneur (founder of the Lamacart Group), which has brought his great passion for technology and mechanics into this work.

One of the most prestigious private museums in Italy and in Europe, apen to various forms of innovation and experimentation, a lively promoter of culture and a point of attraction for the area.

Managed with managerial criteria, it is recognized as an effective and concrete example of Museum-Enterprise, that is, an unconventional cultural institution that promotes knowledge and innovation without losing sight of growth and development objectives.

Visitors to the museum can admire, among others, the Motrice Pia, the first petrol engine patented by the Veronese Enrico Bernardi in 1882, the Isotta Fraschini of 1929, the Lancia Astura 1000 Miglia, unique in the world and about 200 cars d 'era, 120 bikes, 105 motorcycles, 500 cameras, 120 musical instruments, 100 typewriters, small aircraft, a rare collection of about 100 Formula 1 steering wheels, exhibited according to historical and stylistic paths that tell the story of man and of the society of the last two Centuries.

The exhibition area is flanked by the Congress Center, the Space of Ideas, the Tourist Activities, the Historical Archive, the Didactic Section, the Library and a Bookshop among the best-equipped on the world of motors.
It is no coincidence that the Museo Nicolis represents a "unicum" of its kind and is indicated as emblematic of modern business culture.

The Nicolis are entrepreneurs in the recovery of raw materials and secondary, the beginning dates back to 1934 when Francesco Nicolis, father of Luciano, decides to collect what others throw away: the waste paper.
With the help of the children, the business expands and in a few years, Luciano manages to give further impetus turning the company into a leading group in Europe for the recovery of waste paper and a sure reference point in the field of international environmental services.

Concepts such as "collection and reuse", which guided the growth of the paper business, are the same ones that have fueled the passion for collecting by Luciano Nicolis, allowing him to see "jewels" where others saw only scrap and helping him in his tireless work of research that led him to find vintage cars all over the world, to recover them, restore them and bring them back to their original splendor. A passion that has returned to the history of the automobile an otherwise lost heritage.