Hang It All

hanging (1953)

Charles and Ray Eames brought a sense of play to all their work, including the Hang-It-All. It took the everyday coat rack to a new place that was innovative and fun.

More than just a conversation piece, the Hang-It-All says anything that slips over its colorful hooks. Ray Eames designed a variety of whimsical toys and furniture specifically for children, including this 1953 piece for Tigrett Enterprises Playhouse Division. 

Why children's products? For purely personal reasons: Charles and Ray wanted to give to their grandchildren and children of friends. Made with steel wire coated white balls are made of wood with colored lacquer.

Vitra perpetual design by Charles and Ray Eames in 1953 devised Hang It All coat the flavor pop. Instead of the usual hooks, these brightly colored wooden balls are ideal for attracting the attention of children taking them literally to hang all their clothes and accessories on this cute coat.

The distance between the spheres is constant, that is why Hang it all can be expanded at will to become a happy alternative to hanging, to be used not only in the children's room.