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Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO is a road and racing car produced at the beginning of the sixties by the house of Maranello. Considered the Ferrari par excellence it is still among the most well-known, appreciated and sought after cars of all time.

The number 250 indicates in cubic centimeters the displacement (cubic centimeters) of each cylinder of the V12 engine with 3000 cc displacement. GTO stands for "Gran Turismo Omologata". The abbreviation GTO is no longer used by Ferrari until the presentation of the Ferrari 288 GTO, in 1984.

Starting from the 250 GT "Short Wheel Base" with a wheelbase of 2400 mm, the 3-liter V12 engine of the 250 Testa Rossa is set back and the suspension and body of the aforementioned 250 GT SWB have been modified.

After various vicissitudes, the dismissal of the chief engineer and others following a dispute with Enzo Ferrari, the project is entrusted to the young engineer Mauro Forghieri and the bodybuilder Sergio Scaglietti. The bodywork, still very much appreciated today, is the result of the collaboration between Bizzarrini and Scaglietti, not as usual, the result of a specific house or designer.

The 250 GTO represents the highest point in the development of the 250 GT in competition models, while remaining a car also used on the road.

In 2004 Sports Car International magazine elected the 250 GTO as "the best sports car of the 60s" and for the Motor Trend Classic magazine, the 250 GTO is the "Best Ferrari of all time".