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Double bubble

Table and floor lamp designed by Eero Aarnio

The Double Bubble lamp is one of the most recent projects by the famous Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.
Double Bubble (Tupla Kupla in Finnish) is available in three sizes: two table lamps and a monumental floor lamp.

Eero Aarnio designed the Double Bubble lamp in 2000. After creating some prototypes made of blown glass, the designer finally decided on a plastic material to guarantee the durability and uniformity of the light color.

The finished product was presented for the first time in 2003 in an exhibition that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Eero Aarnio's career.

The Double Bubble lamp is a table and floor lamp in a sculptural version.

To illuminate the sinuous shape uniformly, each lamp is equipped with three light sources: one for each bubble and one for the leg.

The Double Bubble lamp is made of white polyethylene. Available in two types: table and floor.
Double Bubble M: H 53 x 58 x 28 cm
Double Bubble XL: H 130 x 135 x 63 cm