entrerprise or product brand

The Brand, in the language of advertising and company marketing, is represented by the trademark. Generally a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these that identifies the products and / or services of a company, characterizes them and differentiates them from those of competitors.

From the English term Brand (in Italian Marca) derives branding, the name of the discipline responsible for the development and management of brand identity systems.

The brand is the conceptual entity that allows a company to occupy the mind of the public, as it summarizes and expresses the predefined values ‚Äč‚Äčthat characterize it and that make it different from the competition. It's all the reasons why people prefer a particular company or a specific offer.

The Brand or Brand therefore plays a central role both in the process of differentiating the supply system and in managing relations with customers.

The brand defines the positioning of a company on the market and does so in a unique and lasting way because it allows you to build a highly differentiated value proposition, give visibility to the company and its products, establish an emotional connection with the public, build loyalty customers and generate a good reputation.

Despite its intangible nature, the brand is in all respects a company asset and represents the basis on which to build the business and financial strategies of the company.

From this perspective, the brand can be understood as the result of a relationship with the market deriving from a process of sedimentation of the brand and the relationship with its users. The brand expresses "a specific relationship established with a given market for the affirmation of a particular offer".

Therefore, if properly managed, the brand can have an impact on the market that generates capital (brand equity) that is added to the value that a good or service provides to the customers of a company and to the same company.

In particular, brand equity, which can be understood as a resource to be managed to increase company assets, derives from the combination of the functions that the brand performs for the company and those that it performs for the consumer.