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Bureau of European Designers Association

BEDA was born in 1969 when the impact that designers could have had in the world of production and business was not yet clear. BEDA brought together professional design associations from all over Europe, providing guidance and information on the design industry, to the still very young foundation.

The President represents BEDA, promotes the value and potential of design for the European Commission, the industry and the design sector itself, coordinates and supervises the implementation of the strategy developed by the members and the BEDA board of directors.

Leading global companies have a new interest for design, while governments are coming to see that design can play a major role in solving the toughest social and environmental problems.

More and more over the last years, design has been applied in a wider and wider range of contexts, from services to understanding user and citizen needs to defining strategy and policy at the highest levels in both business and government. At the same time, in more established areas such as product and graphic design, design continues to be a vital differentiator and generator of value.

BEDA's vision is to embrace design in Europe as a driver for sustainable growth and prosperity. BEDA has many members from around 25 member states in Europe. Members can be design promotion centers and other organizations funded with public funds that promote design at national or regional level, as well as professional and commercial associations for designers from all over Europe.
These professional associations represent designers, based in Europe, in all disciplines of work from industrial and interior design to digital design and the brand.

BEDA is a non-profit organization funded in its entirety by its members. It is managed by a board of directors elected by its members every two years. It also elects a president and a vice president every two years. BEDA is based in Brussels, Belgium.