phenolic thermosetting resin

Thermosetting phenolic resin obtained by reaction between formaldehyde and phenol, now commonly referred to as phenoplasts.

Synthesized for the first time by Leo Baekeland, which takes its name: Bakelite (or bakelite).

The bacheliti are mainly used as molding powders and, hot, in admixture with fillers (wood flour, cotton waste, diatomaceous earth, etc..), With curing agents, lubricants and colorants.

The hardening process is called bachelizzazione and is caused in the resins of the type b. that, on thermoplastic, under the action of heat and catalyst, are transformed into masses thermosetting, insoluble, used as insulators and as coating materials.

Hot pressing, we obtain objects with different physical, mechanical, and electrical properties that determine their use. Are for example obtained in this way the telephone apparatus, the bowls synthetic, dashboards of automobiles, many of the protective parts of electrical equipment etc.