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The artist is a person who performs the activity and is expressed in the field of art.

In his creations, the artist communicates and expresses himself through the use of techniques developed historically by other people who excel in the artistic field, evolved over time and personalized or custom-designed techniques.

In the broadest sense the artist is a person who expresses his personality through a medium that can be a figurative or performative art.

The word is also used as a synonym for creative.

In a narrower sense an artist is defined as a creator of works endowed with aesthetic value in the fields of the arts such as: painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture, writing, music, dance, photography, direction ( cinematic, theatrical and television), acting and more recently digital art and new media art.

The choices of the artists in delineating and describing the objects has always influenced the design productions of the manufacturing industry first and then industrial, bringing aesthetic value, but not only.

Today an artist can carry out his activity in two different fields of classification: the contemporary and modern one, which is bound to the application lines generated for art in the late 1800s, and the classical one according to one or more strands of classical art.