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Apple computer (1976)

Apple is an American computer founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 in Cupertino, Silicon Valley in California, known since the early eighties all over the world, thanks to the wide range of Macintosh computers. His name is also associated with the iPod digital music player, the online music store iTunes Store, iPhone (based on a smartphone operating system IOS) and the iPad tablet.
Over time, Apple has introduced several innovations to the general public in the field of high technology and design applied to computer products.

The founders:

Steven Paul Jobs, known simply as Steve Jobs (San Francisco, February 24, 1955 - Palo Alto, October 5, 2011), was an entrepreneur, American inventor and computer [1] It is considered among the early pioneers of computer science.

Stephen Gary Wozniak, nicknamed (The) Woz or Wizard of Woz (Sunnyvale, August 11, 1950), is an American computer known as one of the fathers of the personal computer revolution.
Although its contribution has been mainly directed towards the creation of technologies and technical issues, his familiarity with electronics and his almost legendary ability to reduce complexity and costs of electronic components have made him one of the figures more notes in computer science. Indeed it was he who designed the Apple I, the first personal computer ready for use. 

Wozniak was a hacker, in 1975 he began lecturing at the Homebrew Computer Club and was the designer of the first model sold by Apple Computer.