Elda (1963)


The Elda armchair was designed by Joe Colombo in 1963, produced in 1965 by Comfort Italy and later by Longhi. It takes the name of the wife.

Historical piece of the Milanese designer, it is part of that series of Italian products of the 60s and 70s that have marked the history of design and make "Made in Italy" famous all over the world.

Elda is one of the first furnishing objects built in plastic material reinforced with fiberglass. Colombo abandons the use of wood for the construction of the shell, until then used in most of the armchairs. It is inspired by boat construction technology to obtain a light and resistant structure.

The shell is 360 ° rotatable, the internal upholstery and the cushions are in leather, it is made in different color combinations.

Joe Colombo believed in the future and in technology, designs modern objects that precede the times. Elda is an example of this "futuristic vision", so much so that it was chosen as the stage element of Space 1999 (British science fiction television series created in 1973).