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Philippe Starck

architect - designer (1949)

Born in Paris, is considered a major European designer. Philippe Starck is also working as an architect designing rooms around the world.

While studying at Notre Dame of Saint Croix in Neuilly, a company creates inflatable structures financed by French Lino Ventura. In 1970 the lighting system creates "Easy Light", the first of its achievements to be published. In 1981, a meeting with Jean-Louis Costes, allows Starck to design, three years after the restoration of the famous Café Costes, on the Place des Innocents, in the prime district of Paris.

Self-taught genius, the man who ultimately created the French design (before him there were big names in this sector), has said of himself and of his training: "... My father was an inventor, drawing air and the only legacy that he left me was not a large sum of money, as is usually the case with aviation - for me it was the opposite - but it left me the idea that one of the most beautiful crafts you can do is a creative job. With the creation you can make a soul searching and work on themselves. And creating aircraft, taught me precious things: to fly a plane create it, but do not drop must be rigorous. "

After a very short entry into the world of design and be well known to insiders, Starck came to honor the most popular in the news for having collaborated in 1982 to the creation of furniture of some rooms in private apartments of President Mitterand at the Palais 'Elisha. But apart from this work in addition to many other projects and productions, Starck is known and respected at home and abroad for its qualities as a designer, intelligent and cultured autodidact, creator of poetic free from conformity, (considered the "enfant terrible "), but from controllatissima professionalism.

The way of conceiving of Starck, you realize that age does not make sense to give its furniture and its design objects. Recent works are derived from designs possibly remained in the making for years. A second reason to be designers like Starck is the idea of ​​service. An object of Starck is lightweight, economical matter and energy from production to consumption, from packaging to transportation. Starck has the consciousness of being different, of having "broken" for a pure need to express themselves. Its characteristics are the taste and enjoyment of the game he loves surprise and amaze others, through its architecture.

He has won important awards such as the Grand Prix National de la Création Industrielle (1988) and the Honor Award of the American Institute of Architetcts in 1992, the Paramount Hotel in New York. He holds an important educational activity.

In 2000, redraws the entire collection of Emeco, the American company considered an American classic, which produces the legendary Navy chair, the hand-finished aluminum chair designed for the U.S. Navy that is found in Hollywood movies, in bars in New York, in the villas of Frank Gehry.