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Istituto Secoli

Fashion school

The Istituto Secoli, founded by Carlo Secoli in Treviso in 1934, is today one of Milan's historic fashion schools.

The will of the founder is to spread the culture and the sartorial tradition, the dream of transmitting to young students a professional method to design and make perfectly designed clothes.

In 1945 Carlo Secoli moved the business to the Lombard capital. The School proves to be able to intercept the needs of the market and to anticipate the demands of the sector, becoming, in a short time, a reference point in fashion.

The first courses are those of "Modeling" that allow you to develop any model with precision, so as to combine the history of the Istituto Secoli with the evolution of industrial modeling.

The transition from custom-made modeling to one-size-fits-all, the development of the first scientific methods of size development, constant technical updating, collaboration with Cad system manufacturers are just some of the chapters of an innovative tradition and culture which have made the Istituto Secoli the best known school in the world in this field.

In the 1960s, the "Time Analysis Methods and Business Organization" courses, the "Figurino" and "Stilismo" courses were added.

Since 1975, with the establishment of the Regions, the courses have been recognized by the Lombardy Region and since 2004 the Institute has been accredited following the introduction of the Lombardy Region in the register of accredited training facilities.

In 1982 academic courses were born and in 1984 the first fashion show was staged at the Hilton Hotel in Milan. Today the Secoli Fashion Show is an unmissable appointment in the calendar of the Institute, an important stage of the training course.

Students have the opportunity to put into practice all that they have learned during their studies and see their development. The Institute becomes for months a real atelier, where technique, competence and passion are expressed in a fashion collection, each year inspired by a different theme.

During the presentation evening, the most deserving students are awarded with internships at major fashion companies, technical tools useful to their activities and scholarships to deepen their studies.

In 1990 the Institute carried out its first organizational consultancy, coordinated by Danilo Migliorini, director of consultancy and teaching area. To date, over 100 companies have chosen the Institute as a partner to improve production organization and design.

Since 1992 Stefano Secoli, son of the founder, has been leading the Institute with the same dream as his father: teaching how to design and make beautiful clothes.

In 2007 the new office was opened in Viale Vittorio Veneto in Milan, in a historic building in the Porta Venezia area, in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from the famous fashion district.

In 2010 the "Masters of Modeling" are born, courses designed to offer an education of excellence to graduates in Fashion Design.

In 2016, the Secoli Institute opens a new office in Guangzhou, China.

The knowledge of a method that is now synonymous with quality in the world is what for over eighty years has made the over eighty thousand technicians among the best fashion professionals who have trained at the Secoli Institute "special".