Higher Institute of Graphics, Fashion and Design

ISgmd, Higher Institute of Graphics, Fashion and Design in Lecco, since its birth in 1964, has been operating successfully in the professional training field, distinguishing itself for the enhancement of Italian creativity in its production applications.

By creating educational courses based on flexibility and proximity to the world of work, ISgmd brings innovation in the teaching of professions, responding to the request for qualified profiles with the constant expansion of the training offer.

The teaching structure of ISgmd includes a Post-Diploma University, with courses aimed at those who already have a diploma and are looking for university-level training or those who want highly specialized preparation for insertion in various professional fields.

Today, the Higher Institute of Fashion Design Graphics, represents a certainty for young people who want a complete and qualified training, addressed to a figure capable of coordinating aesthetics, technique and technology with a degree of flexibility linked to market dynamics.

ISgmd is structured in two training areas:
Higher Institute, addressed to students who have finished the third year of high school and University and Masters, addressed to those who have a diploma and are looking for university-level training or to those who want a specialization in their professional field.

The new ISgmd headquarters, inaugurated in 2004, is located inside the GIARDINO-ISOLAGO complex in the center of the city of Lecco. It occupies an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 600 square meters, divided into two autonomous units. A stimulating environment where the classrooms and computer labs are located.

The ISgmd combines technical education, creative and humanistic thinking and technological updating with the enhancement of individuality, creating professionals with distinct personalities.

During operational Workshops and Internships, theoretical learning is constantly put to the test and constitutes the opportunity to start those first contacts with companies that often prove to be precious for the professional future.

The educational offer after the third year Media offers two three-year courses, one aimed at the Fashion sector: Clothing Operator Stylist-fashion design Model maker, the other at the Graphic sector: Graphic operator Advertising graphics Computer Graphic Design.
The courses provide the necessary bases for the profession, and build the cultural system that allows the student to learn the technical aspects of the job and to face concrete problems in direct communication with companies; at the end of the studies, the ISGMD, examination center, issues the first level qualification diploma, offering the possibility to continue the school path and prepare for the state exam, to obtain the technical-professional maturity that allows access to any university faculty.

The Post-Diploma Qualification training course offers courses lasting three years (2 + 1) at university level, aimed at those who intend to shortly reach a professional qualification with high design and technical specialization but with a strong contribution of creativity, in sectors in which has the highest market demand: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior / industrial design.

The training course ends with the Qualification Exams with Public Commission, followed by the release of the diploma.