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Titania - Luceplan

hanging lamp (1989)

Titania is a suspension lamp designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto in 1989 for Luceplan.

The structure is made up of a series of aluminum "ribs (rings) contained by two longitudinal elements, one horizontal and one vertical, which give it the characteristic elongated oval shape.

Titania is light, it appears as an almost transparent volume, it is versatile, coloring itself according to the filters used. The arrangement of the ribs reflects the light, hiding the bulb in a transparent and surprising volume. The ball counterweight allows height adjustment.

The transverse blades serve both as a low beam and as a reflector of the light source placed in the center and also as a heat sink. The slats, of different sizes, are made from a single aluminum plate.
This cage, in addition to housing the bulb, is equipped with colored polycarbonate filters, housed in special housings that give Titania the numerous color variables.

The particular conformation of the Titania lamp gives it a different shape depending on the point from which it is observed and different colors depending on the chromatic filters used.

Material: mill finish aluminum, interchangeable filters in silk-screened polycarbonate.