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monthly magazine of design, architecture, fashion and lifestyles

Wallpaper* is an international magazine that deals with design, fashion and lifestyle in a global way.

The monthly magazine hosts articles on the topics of architecture, industrial design, furniture, entertainment, and travel. Wallpaper* aims to provide useful information for those who want to design spaces, styles, and better habits.

International, intelligent and influential, Wallpaper* magazine is at the cutting edge of design and style. Renowned for its qualities and characteristics of inspiring source is the leading authority in communication for architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle.

The pages of the magazine have a refined, elegant appearance, with intelligent graphics, which offers readers the key information instantly but which allows the deepening with the reading of longer articles.

The superior quality of the paper used enhances the beautiful photographs that are published there.

The magazine is published in English and has a good distribution on newsstands, in bookstores and in some stores related to the topics covered.