Humberto e Fernando Campana

designer (H.1953 - F.1961)

Humberto and Fernando Campana were born in Brazil, Sao Paulo, in 1953 and 1961 respectively.

Humberto graduated in law at the University of Sao Paulo in 1997, while Fernando completed his studies at the Art College in the same city in 1984. Attending a course in industrial design at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture.

The same year he joined the starting design work with the testing and implementation of metal furniture.

Together they begin to operate under the artistic design, participating in international exhibitions and workshops with pieces made by hand. Among his most important:

Sconfortevoli in 1989 in Sao Paulo; the Retrospective in 1999 in Rio De Janeiro; Never letting the poetry escapae in 2003 at the Tama in Tel Aviv.

In 2000, participating in the Biennale and the Saint'Etienne to Blow up the Vitra Design Museum in Berlin.

In 2002 there are at Milan in a Van at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

In 2003 the staff at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasilia, as part of Experimenta Lisbon and Stockholm.

In 2004, realize the ideal home for the Fair of Cologne. Also in 2004, the Design Museum in London celebrates them with exposure Zest for Life.

Among the group's most important: In 1998 Ingo Maurer Porject 66 with the Moma in New York, and Air en forme to Mueso Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne.

Style of designs and creations of Humberto and Fernando plays with shapes, materials and colors, does not neglect the lessons of the past, creating products and rich collections of poetry, full of dreams of positive meanings.

They collaborated and collaborate with many Italian companies, including: O Light, Fountain Art Project Purpose and Cappellini.
They work for Edra, so they signed some of their most important projects, such as Vermelha, Anemone, Boa, Favela, and Alessi. Develop new products for Vitra.

Their pieces are exhibited in some of the most important museums of the world. In 2004 he signed a few products for collections of clothing accessories to Signature House of St. Paul and Melissa, a Brazilian company of Rio Grande do Sul.

Among the most significant design projects:

Casulo Shelf (1989) - Library
Favela Chair (1991) - chair - Edra
Vermelha Chair (1993) - chair
Boa Sofa (2002) - sofas - Edra
Zig Zag (2005) - Shoes - Melissa
Blow up (2005) - Flower pot - Alessi
Blow up (2005) - Tealight holder - Alessi