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manufacturer of radio television

Brionvega, specializing in the production of televisions, born in Milan in 1945 thanks to Ing. Brion and his friend Paletta. With attention to detail, a cutting edge design products Brionvega have become objects of worship and are still exhibited in the most famous museums in the world, one among all the MOMA in New York.

After decades of silence Brionvega returns with a brand new product, Alpha, and a limited edition of iconic products Algol and Doney in homage to the glorious past of the brand.

Harmonious union between design and technology worship made in Italy, this is Brionvega, synonymous with design innovation, technology, aesthetics.

Since the '60s, the brand's success is the result of an alchemy Brionvega of factors such as respect for tougher legislation, the continuous improvement of individual performance, the strict control to ensure that every piece meets the specifications provided.
This is made possible by laboratory instrumentation and control highly sophisticated and rigorous analysis results in an acoustic environment that simulates the different listening conditions, providing a unique auditorium listening. The ease of use of its products is another element of success Brionvega: its equipment it must not only be technically valid, but should be simple to use.

Since 2004, SIM2 Multimedia has acquired the business Brionvega dedicated to audio production and license to use the brand, to create and distribute new products or new editions of historical products of the brand.

With its headquarters and plant in Pordenone, SIM2 has a direct presence in Germany, England and the United States has a representative office in Shanghai and is present in 45 countries with qualified distributors.

SIM2 invests over 20% of its workforce and 10% of turnover in R & D and innovation, ensuring a constant product evolution.

The aim of SIM2 to Brionvega is a solid revival of the brand by focusing on enhancing a stylistic heritage and reputation still heavily associated with the concepts of innovation and design niche.

Given the differences between SIM2 and Brionvega offering of products, sales channels, in the issues and marketing strategy, it was necessary to create a new society - BV-100% controlled by SIM2 but autonomous trade policies and marketing, to manage Brionvega products through new sales channels and a dedicated marketing strategy.

SIM2/BV The strategy calls for the creation of a range of products consistent with the experience of the brand, reinterpreting styling cues of success, technologically updated, you confirm objects as "cult" harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity made in Italy.