The AS. PRO.NA.DI was launched on 8 December 1972 and was founded in Genoa October 23, 1973.

On 30 March 1983 the association has gained recognition from the Ministry of Merchant Marine in cooperation with the Ministry of Trasporti.Dal December 1984, in the person of the President, the AS. PRO.NA.DI. is part of the Technical Expert Group for the recreational boating within the Italian Register of Shipping (ABS), since 1989 have added two more members in this Committee Ordinari.Dall 'in October 1986 we are present in the Ministerial Commission for the revision of the Statement of Pleasure boats.

Initially (1973/1979) the seat was Milan, then moved to Florence (1979/1983) Finally, to return to Milan. The AS. PRO.NA.DI. non-profit making and is principally engaged, as per statute, to:
- In promoting the recreational marine, art and practice of naval science, including through educational courses, conferences and other initiatives, as well as the professional ethics of members.
- Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between members.
- Improve the position of shareholders and facilitate the knowledge inherent in their profession and also to achieve legal recognition of their activities.
- Cooperate with universities and other institutions of study for the improvement of the art, science and practice ship.

In all these years have been organized several meetings in person and on many occasions were invited speakers AS.PRO.NA.DI. conferences organized by others, the main topics covered are:

- Nautical Design
- Hulls fast
- Light alloys
- Design of sailing yachts
- Safety of recreational boating
- Crisis in the sailing market
- Italian legislation for recreational boating
- Composite Materials

Regarding teaching the AS. PRO.NA.DI. he held for five years to design a course of pleasure craft at a private institute in Milan and with the Navy League (LNI), section of Turin, established the first Italian course design by correspondence, dealing with the writing of textbooks and correction of exercises for students. From March 1, 1995 AS. PRO.NA.DI. assumed at first hand the management of this course.