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Arco - Flos

floor lamp (1962)

Arco has always been among the best known, innovative and representative pieces of Italian design. Designed by Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni, Produced by Flos since 1962.

The creation of Arco comes from the idea to illuminate from above a zone of an environment (read or dining) without constraints data from the point of ancorggio to the ceiling (traditionally center), and with the possibility to be moved freely.

The Arco project creates a new type of chandelier freed from the ceiling, and a floor lamp with direct light.

The lamp Arco produced by Flos, is composed of a base in white Carrara marble (or black for a limited range), a "bow" in a semicircle consisting of three stainless steel U-shaped and adjustable reflector in chrome houses the bulb. The ON / OFF equipment is done by foot switch on cable.

The lamp base is constituted by a parallelepiped of white marble of about 65 kg, the corners are chamfered, with a hole drilled in the center of gravity, useful both for the fixing of the vertical shaft which supports the arc itself, both to the displacement smooth lamp (for example by including a simple broom handle).

The stem is constituted by three arcuate sectors of stainless steel U-section able to allow, by sliding one inside the other, the advancement and the telescopic hidden passage of the wires. This gives the bow more amplitudes, with the positioning of the reflector at three different heights.

The dome is made of two pieces: a fixed cap-shaped perforated to facilitate the cooling of the lamp holder (100-watt bulb opal glass), the other a ring of aluminum mobile, leaning against the first one, so that it can be adjusted in position, depending on the height of the third sector of the arc.

The maximum distance in the horizontal projection of the reflector from the base is 2 m, the height is 2.5 m. The Arco lamp has been in many years of production of Flos the only modification of the electrical system, to bring the device to current standards.

Inspired by the street lamps casts its light to two meters from the base. This insight allows for example, placing the marble base to the ground in a corner of a common residence and to get the light directly above a dining table.

A particularly intriguing characteristic of the genius of Castiglioni search function, and 'the presence of a hole at the top of the marble base that allows two people, a convenient transportation by simply inserting a stick into the hole (a broomstick), thus raising the lamp easily for convenient transport (the weight of the lamp is 65 Kg).

Materials: Base in white Carrara marble, polished stainless steel telescopic stem. Height-adjustable reflector in polished aluminum.