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meeting to define goals and objectives of a project

The briefing is usually, but not necessarily, in a meeting held within a workgroup, or between professionals and clients able to define the guidelines of a preogetto, an advertising campaign, etc.

Can be prepared a "brief" which is a document that summarizes the objectives of this project is industrial, creative, a campaign or a marketing research.
When the creative process begins with a briefing or a brief, rather than a random output of 'inspiration, or other source, the person assigned to perform the task, he undertook a work of interpretation from which he draws the initial planning of the project.

Before this takes place may be useful to have a brainstorming session.

During the course of a briefing or drafting of a brief can be expressed or defined expectations and intentions of those who commission a "project" and those who carry them out.
Designers, or people of other professional fields, will produce satisfactory interpretations. This often gives rise to one of the most creative phases of the design process and engineering more broadly.