object or shape similar to human body

What has the form or appearance of a man: anthropomorphic apes are called apes that have greater similarity to the man characters.

The same way as has been said anthropomorphic an object or a form similar to the body or parts of the human body.
This similarity determines the direction of reading of 'image making it possible to distinguish the above, the below, the front, sides, and back.

The appearance of an object is reported by people who instinctively look to 'aspect of the human body. Whether watching a valuable modern sculpture or a trivial iron, the interpretation of what is seen depends on the parameters of directional reading.
For example, an iron watched from behind, if we assume that's the front side, assumes a different appearance from that shown by the parameter read the opposite.
The reading parameter can be free or determined by the way in which the object is designed to be used.

The 'appearance of an object is not necessarily related to' whole human body. Sometimes it is read in relation to a single part of this as an arm, hand, face and so on.