Interior design

Interior design

The Interior design, is the design of spaces, furnishings, objects of common use and their arrangement within a home, business, accommodation, office or environment of work, exhibition spaces, etc.

The designer studies the effective use of spaces, their functionality and the well-being of those who use them. In the design, the materials and colors to be used in the different environments are sometimes chosen, as well as the type and position of the lighting system.

The interior design profession consolidated after the Second World War. From the 1950s onwards, household spending has increased. Interior design courses have been set up, textbooks and reference sources have been published.

Historical reports of interior designers and companies distinct from decorative arts specialists have been made available. Organizations have been set up to regulate education, qualifications, standards and practices, etc.

The profession of interior designer is distinct from that of the decorator or interior designer who chooses the arrangement of the furniture, furnishings and decorum of the rooms.

In recent years the sector has experienced a great development, in Italy as in many other countries and generated much interest in the public. The numerous specialized magazines, the production and development of furniture design and furnishings have stimulated new desires and the pleasure of living and living in increasingly comfortable and organized spaces.

In the wake of this interest, the training of new professionals prepared thanks to the birth of new schools or addresses in both private and public courses is increasingly developing and growing.