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household and office items manufacturer (1927)

Koziol is a German brand founded by Bernhard Koziol in 1927 that produces design objects for the home and lighting.
The company stands out in the panorama of manufacturers of household objects both for its particular design and the quality of its products, and for its constant attention to environmental sustainability.
Each Koziol product is made with 100% recyclable plastic materials which guarantee optimal performance, fully respecting the environment.

Since its birth, the German brand Koziol has produced articles with modern and original shapes, with bright colours, aesthetically pleasing and very functional, perfect for satisfying consumer needs.

Koziol designs and produces a range of furniture and lighting products through its internal "Werksdesign" team and with important designers and universities around the world, combining art with high technology.
Each object in the Koziol collection stands out for its modern lines and bright colors, perfect for any room in the home.

Around 1928 Bernhard Koziol opened a laboratory where plastic materials were studied and processed, in the German town of Erbach in the Odenwald forest.

In 1935 a new ignition molding machine made it possible to produce large quantities of articles, including transparent ones, made of thermoplastic materials which soften as the temperature increases and open up new opportunities.

In 1951, Dream Globe, currently sold under the name Traumkugel®, was put on the market. This results in a large increase in the demand for products from the company.

In 1982 the brothers Stephan and Bernhard Koziol took over the management of the company, orienting product design towards new trends.

In 1992, the year in which the company studied the working method based on the importance of friendship between staff members in order to generate new ideas and produce successful results, Koziol positioned itself in the gadgets and gifts market segment.

In 1999 two hundred staff members work together in a happy and creative atmosphere dealing with the development, production and marketing of the sensual items designed by the Koziol company.