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Plia - Castelli

folding chair (1968)

Lightness, flexibility and technical precision are the obvious advantages of this design by Giancarlo Piretti. The mechanism of the folding chair was completely new in its day.

The chair rests on a common of the three metal discs which connect the back, legs, and seat so as to be able to be folded into a compact flat shape just five centimeters.

The elegant chair, which is also suitable for outdoor use, has clear round shapes, oval insection tubular steel frame and surfaces of transparent plastic. When folded, it can be hung on a hook wall made ​​specially for this purpose, but can also be stacked when folded.

Thanks to its simple structure and simple production, "Plia" can be produced at low cost and offered at prices equally advantageous.

More than four million chairs have been sold since 1969. In 1971, this flagship project, won the prize at BIO 5 Lyublyana Biennial Award Gute Form and the Federal Republik of Germany in 1973.

Design: 1968
Production: 1969 to the present
Manufacturer: Anonima Castelli s.p.a.,
Ozzano, near Bologna
Size: 75 x 47 x 50.5; seat height 45.5 cms
Material: hinge in lightweight pressure die-cast alloy,
oval tubular steel, cellidor plastic