who professes a liberal arts

The word artist refers to persons engaged in one or more of the liberal arts as a profession or at least at the professional level.

In their creations, the artist communicates and expresses itself through the 'use of techniques developed by other people who excel in the arts, or forge their own techniques.

The experience of the artists, who traditionally are the ones who carry out their work mainly in painting and sculpture, however, can expand and find applications in many other fields or interactions including music, drama, the 'architecture, and design.

The choices of the artists in outline and describe the objects has given rise to increasingly influenced the design of products' manufacturing industry.

Today an artist can conduct its business in two different fields of classification: the contemporary and modern, which is tied to the lines generated for application 'art towards the end of 1800, and the classical one corresponding to one or more strands of' classical art.