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monthly magazine of architecture, interiors and design (1961)

Founded in 1962, Abitare and 'the monthly magazine of architecture, interior design and more internationally' known and widespread.
Through its publishing philosophy Living presents each month a way of interpreting architecture from an international point of view, publishing houses, buildings, places and objects from all over the world. Living and 'fully bilingual: English and Italian.
The magazine eyed international architectural projects, interior design, but also about photography, art and design: because the project is made of glass, steel, wood, color, shape, habits, words and inventions.

For over 35 years, and Living ': - The first magazine on the theme of civilization 'of living - Ambassador to the world of Italian Life Style - Driving more 'authoritative and updating more' comprehensive understanding of contemporary architecture.
The magazine to which you refer architects, industry professionals, designers, interior designers, students, qualified manufacturers and retailers, is directed by Italo Lupi.