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industrial design

The industrial design and the use of a combination of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of a product, but you can Also Be Used to improve the marketability of production and marketing of products .

Industrial designer creates and designs solutions that deal with various aspects of the product, form, usability, ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales.

The first use of the term "industrial design" is often attributed to the designer Claude Joseph Sinel in 1919 (although he denied in interviews), but the discipline predates 1919 by at least a decade. Christopher Dresser is considered the first industrial designer in the world. Origins of the Industrial Design located in the industrialization of consumer products. For example, the Deutscher Werkbund, founded in 1907 and a forerunner of the Bauhaus, was a state sponsored effort to integrate traditional crafts and industrial mass production techniques, to put Germany on a plan of competition with England and the United States .

The first use of the term may have been the following work:

The Art Union. A monthly magazine of the volume of Fine Arts One for the year ended December 1839 Published by the Art Union Office Page 143 Catherine Street Strand

"Dyce report to the Board of Trade for Foreign Schools of Design for producers. Mr. Dyces official visit to France, Prussia and Bavaria in order to examine the state of design schools in these countries will be fresh in the memory of our readers. The His report on the subject was ordered to be printed a few months since, on the motion of Mr. Hume. "

"The school of St. Peter, was founded in Lyon in 1750 for the education of designers used in the models for the processing of silk. It 's been much more successful than the Paris school and being disorganized by the Revolution, was restored by Napoleon and differently constituted, then being erected in an Academy of Fine Arts: to which the study design for the production of silk was simply attacked as a subordinate branch. It seems that all students who entered the school to begin as if destined to be artists in the highest sense of the term and not expected to decide if you will devote to the Fine Arts and Industrial Design, until they have completed their exercises in drawing and painting the figure from the ancient and living model. E 'for this reason, and the fact that artists for industrial purposes are both well paid and highly regarded (as well educated men) that so many people in France are engaged in both occupations. "

Book The rapporteur of the practice of industrial design has been printed in 1853.

A number of industrial designers have a significant impact on the culture and daily life that their work is documented by historians of social science. [Citation needed] Alvar Aalto, known to be an architect, also designed a significant number of household items such as chairs, stools, lamps, vases, and a tea trolley. Raymond Loewy was a prolific American artist who is responsible for the company logo, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, original logo (in use until 2000), the PRR S1 steam locomotive, the Studebaker Starlight (including the iconic bulletnose later), so as Schick shavers, Electrolux refrigerators, shortwave radio, Le Creuset French ovens, and a complete line of modern furniture, among many other items.

Richard A. Teague, who has spent much of his career with the American Motor Company, was born the concept of using interchangeable body panels to create a wide range of different vehicles using the same stamping. It 'was responsible for such unique designs as the automotive Pacer, Gremlin, Matador coupe, Jeep Cherokee, and the complete interior of the Eagle Premier.

Viktor Schreckengost designed bicycles produced by Bicycle Murray Murray and Sears, Roebuck and Company. With engineer Ray Spiller, he designed the first truck with cab-over-engine configuration, a design in use today. Schreckengost also founded the school of Cleveland Institute of Art in industrial design.

Charles and Ray Eames were famous for their cutting-edge furniture designs, such as wood and Eames Lounge Chair Eames Lounge Chair. Other influential designers, including Henry Dreyfuss, Eliot Noyes, and Russel Wright.