formulating ideas processes

Process by which a group of designers, and professionals from other areas of specialization, generates new ideas using techniques that facilitate creativity. The techniques used during brainstorming are designed to give each participant the opportunity to express their ideas without inhibitions

Brainstorm is a technique used to favor one hand the manifestation of the individual imagination, the other the interaction and synergy between thought and insights of all participants.

To achieve these twin objectives is necessary to appropriately regulate the overall activity of defining the subject to be treated.

Interventions do not make judgments or complaints against other interventions. Any actions not belonging to the topic will be discussed only at the end of the activity during the evaluation of the overall work.

Brainstorm is a common term in English, a word which means creative thinking, unchained.

Brainstorming works by focusing on a problem, and then leaving out freely, without a predetermined order, as many original solutions as possible, pushing them as far away as possible.

The basis of brainstorming is therefore the generation of ideas, individually or in groups, avoiding suspending judgment. Scientific research has shown that this principle is highly productive in individual effort in group work.

In particular the brainstorming group participants' comments to stimulate your own ideas in a sort of chain reaction of creating ideas.