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shipyard for yachts (1842)

Called to repair some boats damaged by a storm in 1842, Pietro Riva Parts Laglio, a small town on Lake Como, at the time of Sarnico, on Lake Iseo.

Very soon, Peter decided not to stop to repair damaged boats and began to build boats as no one had ever done.

A wealthy client gave the order to build "a fishing boat and passengers in true style of Como." This order, the first in the history of Cantieri Riva Sarnico, was the only one whose ever known. There are other traces of Pietro Riva until June 6, 1852, on Sunday in which Lucrezia Taroni spouse.

Angelo was born in 1853, eldest son of Peter, followed by Francis in 1855, Ernesto in 1856, Luigi in Erminia in 1859 and 1867. Especially Ernesto, this first generation Riva, was intended to give impetus to the construction site.

Thus began the family fortune Riva. In 1880, Ernesto, took over the management of Cantieri Riva.

Without sacrificing quality and impeccable craftsmanship, Ernesto Riva added an important new element: the innovation.He began to install internal combustion engines on boats, which has never happened until then, and built large boats for the transport of passengers and goods.The rudder of the site then step Serafino, who decided to suspend the construction of large boats to launch Riva in the power boat, then in its infancy.

Serafino Riva made every effort to keep the same time. On May 1, 1912 managed to go over 24 miles. per hour with a speedboat driven by an outboard motor constructed by a firm of Genova.

The evolution of Cantieri Riva between the First and Second World War it was marked by a series of successes motonautici competing national and international.
Along with the development of speedboats are also the building of recreational motorboats.
The Riva shipyards were now on the rise, and triumphed in all aspects and in all markets of the world.

In the period between the wars of ambition in the racing field Serafino Riva Shipyards to assure a series of victories in national and international motor boating competitions.But not content with the Riva family successes in this field and extended its activities to recreational motorboats.

This will reveal another breakthrough.
In the fifties, in fact, under the direction of Carlo, Riva became a worldwide synonym for quality and elegance.
With exceptional quality, careful attention to detail and the choice of using only the finest materials, Riva boats were chosen by kings, queens, princes and sultans, actors and sports stars, celebrities, the jet-setters and businessmen.

Among the players who have owned a Riva include Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Prince Rainier, Aristotle Onassis, Peter Sellers and many others.Even today, celebrities, business leaders, entrepreneurs from around the world, famous designers, they can not resist the allure of a "Riva".