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lighting systems manufacturer (1978)

Luceplan was founded in 1978 with the idea of three architects, Riccardo Sarfatti, Sandra Severi and Paolo Rizzato, with the aim of consolidating the experience gained over years of collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce experimenter and innovator in the field of 'lighting.

These are the noble origins, but we want to tell the story does not follow the chronological list of events that have marked the growth of a company, as 'highlights' of the constant evolution continues. A story from the beginning denoted by precise invariants - experimentation, research, quality - from philosophy, to do "good things for the most", and an attitude, discretion, never abandoned the passing of years.

It is from such an imprimatur that arise after the other lighting devices capable of not causing ephemeral wonders but to be the natural outcome of ongoing innovative targeted essence of each project, attention to detail, continuous improvement. Fruits of a coherent experimentation that in turn implies a careful search technology. 

Passion for design and entrepreneurial courage: Luceplan commitment that leads both major investment in production - in 2006 for Introduction Elements of Luceplan, new lighting, architectural and technical contract - both with the marketing, through the opening of new international subsidiaries (Copenhagen joins new York, Paris and Berlin) and new stores (three flagship stores in Milan, new York and Paris, and about 2,000 stores worldwide).